Summer School 2017 – 11 – 13 September 2017 – Emergency Management of Cultural Heritage

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The first STORM project training activity took place from  10th to 13th  September at the Istituto Superiore Antincendi (ISA) which is the training authority within the Italian National Corp of Fire Brigade CNVVF. The Summer School goal was to provide basic information about the first year results of the STORM project, The course lectures explored the relationships between climatic change …

Plenary Meeting in Rethymno

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The Rethymno plenary meeting (Crete, Greece) Venue: IMS–FORTH premises Date: 18-19-20 July 2017 Very successful meeting with a huge presence of all the Partners! The first meeting with HERACLES project The wonderful meeting room of the IMS–FORTH venue The stakeholder meeting during a parallel session

WP2 and D.2.1: State of the art policies on government of Cultural Heritage against natural disasters and climate changes

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WP2’s main objective is to develop a set of recommendations, in the form of policies and procedures, aimed at supporting the government bodies responsible for cultural heritage, managing natural disasters and climate change that threaten cultural assets. This WP is led by DGPC and receives contributions from other STORM partners, more precisely SS-COL, UNITUS, CNVVF, Mellor, USAL, NCRS, TRO, DGPC, …

UK site updates – changes to dashboard & new technology

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The amount of technology being deployed in Mellor (UK) is growing. One of the UK partners, Mellor Archaeological Trust, has recently purchased a second drone (Inspire 1) with a camera for aerial photography. For sensors installed in Mellor, Sparta has purchased waterproof cases to increase their efficiency and improve connection. Sparta has also made some improvements and updates to the dashboard. …

Aarchaeology blog 2: Weather Stations and Data collection at Mellor

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In December 2016 and January 2017 the UK Partners set up weather stations at the three key sites within Mellor; the Bronze Age Shaw Cairn, the Iron and Roman site of the Mellor Hillfort and the industrial site of Mellor Mill. This was part of the development stage of testing a variety of sensor types in different geographical locations that …

STORM event in Venaria

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    On May the 26th an event dedicated to disseminate and discuss STORM objectives and its achievements, took place in Venaria, close to Turin. Attendees were professors, cultural heritage officers, students, professional and SMEs representatives. Current project achievement have been presented as well as the planned first edition of STORM “summer school”. Now the idea is to replicate the event …

La Venaria Reale event: Climate change effects mitigation what could be the role of Restorers and Conservators: The STORM project contribution

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This is a remind for the event planned in La Venaria Reale (Turin – Italy) to introduce the project to Institutions, Professionals, Teachers and Students. The event is open and free. The event will take place in La Venaria Reale, close to Turin in Italy hosted by Centro Restauro Venaria, May the 26th 2017 in the morning. The main target of this …

Climate change effects mitigation what could be the role of Restorers and Conservators: The STORM project contribution

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The event will take place in La Venaria Reale, close to Turin in Italy hosted by Centro Restauro Venaria, May the 26th 2017 in the morning. The main target of this event will be to inform University of Turin, SISCOR Students, Professors and Professionals collaborating on the Turin territory about objectives, methodologies and related technologies going to be applied in the …

Participation of DGPC in the International Conference “Cultural Heritage: Disaster: Preparedness, Response and Recovery”

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On November 3rd and 4th 2016, STORM, through the DGPC, attended the International Conference “Cultural Heritage: Disaster Prevention, Response and Recovery” that took place in Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and was organized in cooperation with the National Coach Museum. The Conference aimed to promote the debate and the sharing of experiences about the current situation regarding prevention policies for the protection …

STORM and Historic England met in London

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  On Monday April the 10th, the second meeting with Historic England took place in London. The main objective of the meeting was to inform Mrs Hannah Fluck about project progresses and to plan a possible participation to workshops where specific themes could be addressed. The first idea is to organise one of them in Mellor where involve all potential …