Dioclethian baths: Second steps of fiber optics sensors installation

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The preparation of Rome pilot site hosted by SSCOL is continuing, today it was an har working day.

In the newspaper today was written 2017 was the most dry year since 1800 in Italy, the effect on temperature and humidity in cultural sites has been, sometimes, dramatic.

In the case of Diocletian baths a wall crack is going to be monitored with fiber optics sensors in order to measure the crack position, the temperature and humidity in 9 different points using a single laser device. The aggregation of changes in temperature, humidity and the speed of changes, are effecting the crack size. The use of invisible, eco-compatible and not intrusive fiber optics is considered a key element in he STORM crowd sensing network. Data coming from the fibers are shared on the STORM cloud platform.

UNITUS provided the technologies and data collection will start in few weeks.