Drone Flights in Mellor

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Drone Flights for Photogrammetry

Several Drone Flights have been conducted in Mellor in the past few months to collect images of the 3 sites and enable the use of structure from motion (sfM) techniques to create 3D models of the landscape for future comparison. This will help us to analyse the effects of the weather on the sites by looking at how much and in which ways the site has changed over time.

An NDVI drone camera has also been used to analyse the amount of live vegetation coverage at the sites for comparison over time.

The cameras are currently being tested at differing heights to collect photographs at varying resolutions to improve the quality of the 3D models created.












Sensor casings added

We have recently added weather resistant cases to protect our sensors at the site in the coming winter season. This will ensure that our network on-site will remain intact and robust to some predicted extreme weather over the storm season in the UK.


Sensor gateway (Base station) relocation

Our sensor gateway (the equipment that allows our sensors to transmit environmental data to the cloud) has been relocated to a position closer to our sites in Mellor. The purpose of this move was to provide the on-site sensors with a stronger connectivity to the gateway meaning that the sensor network becomes more reliable for data transfer and avoids communication issues between sensor and gateway.

Since the relocation, we have seen huge improvements to data capture at the Mellor site providing us with lots of environmental data for analysis and comparison.