Internal UK Node meeting

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As the Tróia site visit and STORM meeting is getting closer, UK partners gathered together to discuss and set up action plans for the following weeks preceding with the Mellor site visit by Sparta Digital.

Mellor Heritage consists of three locations: Mellor Mill, Old Vicarage and Shaw Cairn. The main risks to those sites were identified as freeze thaw and flooding.

The same week partners of UK Node (Sparta Digital, Mellor Archaeological Trust and Centre for Applied Archaeology University of Salford) met at University of Salford with the following agenda:

  • Review of STORM project
  • Determine exact actions of Mellor, SPA and SAL for November/December 2016
  • Finalize the sensors needed for the site and other equipment requirements
  • Prepare action plan for each partner

By December 15th Mellor site will be laser scanned and drone photographed with sensors and weather stations installed by Salford University. Sparta Digital will be responsible for installing an alpha basestation at Old Vicarage site as it is a central spot within Mellor Heritage.

It has been decided and agreed by all of UK partners that Mellor Mill and Old Vicarage has priority above Shaw Cairn due to difficult location of the latter.

Along the technological issues, a public engagement was discussed as well as December visit to Manchester, UK by all STORM partners.