STORM pilot site meeting in Mellor, UK

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Another STORM pilot site meeting was recently held in Mellor, Stockport near Manchester. UK team (Sparta Digital, University of Salford and Mellor Archaeological Trust) hosted a two-day meeting in a lovely rustic Roman Lakes in Marple. Partners from Engineering, INOV, TEIP , ZAMG, TUSCIA, EFARETH, BU-KOERI and TROIA all participated in the series of presentations and discussions on the sensors installation on the site and its needs. 

The meeting’s main purpose was to: 

  • visit at the Old Vicarage and Mellor Mill site
  • specify site risks and management
  • demonstrate current use of sensors/tools and data collection methods
  • show presentation of data within the dashboard. 

On the first day EU partners from Greece, Turkey, Portugal and Italy has visited the Mellor Mill and Old Vicarage site to evaluate their current state and requirements. Sparta, University of Salford and Mellor Archaeological Trust demonstrated the use of technology and data on the dashboard. Later we discussed the potential use of the sensors provided by TEI Piraeus from Greece to address Mellor risk factors. 

On the next day, all attendees could participate in the discussion on how technical discussion on the sensors, tools and equipment (already existing, to be enhanced and to be purchased) for each pilot site. The whole event ended with lunch at Sparta Digital offices in Northern Quarter, Manchester. 

In UK weather stations and sensors with light, humidity and temperature measurement capability were installed before the STORM meeting and they gather data in a real-time.

Summing up, the meeting was a great success. We want to thank all the partners for their contribution and best of luck for 2017. We’re looking forward to collaborate more closely and to next pilot site visit in Turkey in March.  


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