Fiber Bragg Grating sensors installation at Dioclethian Baths

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On December the 18th the third session of FBG installation was completed at Dioclethian Baths site in Rome.Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) is a type of distributed Bragg reflector constructed in a short segment of optical fiber that reflects particular wavelengths of light and transmits all others. This is achieved by creating a periodic variation in the refractive index of the fiber core, which generates a wavelength-specific dielectric mirror. STORM project is using FBG sensors in order to collect data about work of arts well being.

After the installation of fibers an intervention was done to reduce the as much as possible the impact of fiber’s points of contact:

The FBG environment will start data collection before the end of 2017. Data collected will support decision to face slow damage generated by climate change using the STORM platform.