First phase of Fiber Optic Sensors installation at Doclethian Baths in Rome (IT)

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In the STORM pilot site of Dioclethian Baths in Rome on September 25th and 26th the first session dedicated to the installation of experimental fiber optics low cost sensors has been carried on. The first session involved the project team that after a 3D mapping and the work space preparation started a briefing during which the installation specification had been agreed.



The fibers have been than prepared:


During the rest of the first day and all the following one the fiber was installed inside “Aula I”, next session will be dedicated to the outside.


Another prototype of an Arduino based multi-sensor was tested and in few weeks 4 of them will be installed to act as low cost sensors, ready to be linked with the STORM crowd-sensing platform.


A short video is available at the following address: