ICORP-ICOMOS visit to Troia Pilot Site

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On November 13th 2018, Catherine Forbes, Bárbara Mínguez Garcia, Takeyuki Okubo and Kim Dowon from ICORP-ICOMOS visited one of the pilot sites of the STORM project, the Roman Ruins of Troia (Portugal).
The visit, conducted by the site manager, Inês Vaz Pinto, presented not only the particular history of the monument, but also the current situation and difficulties, as well as some of the STORM proposals in DRM.
The case-studies defined in the STORM project were part of the tour. For workshops 23 and 21, the preparation for the deployment of the acoustic sensor was shown and in the Basilica a demonstration of the induced fluorescence tests took place, by Andrei Utkin (INOV). Furthermore, general aspects of the project were discussed, such as the installation of the meteorological station and other related issues regarding the overall preparedness of the site, towards the challenges of climate change.