La Venaria Reale event: Climate change effects mitigation what could be the role of Restorers and Conservators: The STORM project contribution

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This is a remind for the event planned in La Venaria Reale (Turin – Italy) to introduce the project to Institutions, Professionals, Teachers and Students. The event is open and free.

The event will take place in La Venaria Reale, close to Turin in Italy hosted by Centro Restauro Venaria, May the 26th 2017 in the morning. The main target of this event will be to inform University of Turin, SUSCOR Students, Professors and Professionals collaborating on the Turin territory about objectives, methodologies and related technologies going to be applied in the STORM project.

Le presentazioni:

Silvia Boi (ENG)

Ulderico Santamaria (TUSCIA)

Maria Concetta Capua (NCRS)

Davide Pozzi (CNVVF)

Francesca Boldrighini (SSCOL)

Lorenzo Appolonia (CRV)

Fabio Perossini (KP)