In order to increase the visibility and possibility to use or re-use any knowledge publication, STORM dissemination policy is following the discipline of knowledge generated within EU funded projects.
Open access scientific publications produced with public money is beneficial not only for a restricted community of scientist originating but also for other researchers, citizens and society.
For spreading and speeding up Horizon 2020 produced innovation, STORM Consortium (as per Article 29.2 of the Grant Agreement which sets out a detailed legal requirements on open access to scientific publications) ensures open access to all peer reviewed scientific publications relating to its research and experimental activity.
In order to cope with this paramount concept STORM is following the three steps foreseen path:

Step 1 – Depositing publications in repositories
Step 2 – Selecting the open access route
Step 3 – Providing open access to deposited publications

making publications available on ZENODO open access public archive where a STORM Community has been created at:

Depending from the kind of publication STORM Consortium ensures both the two possible routes:

1. Green open access (self-archiving)
2. Gold open access (open access publishing)

Finally, STORM authors ensured the open access to the deposited version of their publications on any selected sources.