Nature Journal: Boost resilience of small and mid-sized cities

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STORM project aims to examine security concerns and risks related to cultural heritage sites and also focuses on the resilience and vulnerability to extreme events.

Jörn Birkmann, Director of the Institute of Spatial and Regional Planning of the University of Stuttgart – Partner of the STORM projects), together with other colleagues, has published through the NATURE weekly journal (28 September 2016) a contribution titled: “Nature journal: Boost resilience of small and mid-sized cities” to evidence that “smaller settlements are growing faster than megacities – and they need more protection from extreme events”.


The article can be read (or downloaded as a .pdf) at the following link:

Context: While many research projects and political debates about urban risk and resilience often focus primarily on large and megacities we argue that it is small- and medium sized cities that are most vulnerable and will decide about the success or failure of sustainable and resilient urban development. We also base our arguments on an analysis of urban vulnerability in 140 countries.