Inesc Inovação – Instituto de Novas Tecnologias (PT)

INOV INESC INOVAÇÃO is the leading private non-profit Research and Technology Organization in Portugal, in the areas of ICT and electronics. INOV’s mission is to lead technological development and innovation processes, in close cooperation with governments, enterprises and universities. INOV has accumulated strong technical expertise in: remote and non-destructive sensing, including lidar and laser induced fluorescence; monitoring and surveillance solutions; complex systems analysis, integration of sensor data, automated detection and decision making using artificial intelligence, modelling & engineering; electronics product development; cyber security & defence; communication networks & services; IT & open source solutions; and enterprise engineering & IT governance.

INOV possesses wide experience in organisation of demonstration tests and field experiments with large number of participants, related to security and risk management. INOV has consolidated knowledge and proven installed solutions for visual and lidar based monitoring and surveillance with subsequent data fusion and target positioning & recognition, with clients and partners in Europe, USA, Brazil, Angola, Israel, China, and Turkey. As a project leader or member of consortium, INOV team successfully participated in several projects focused on non-destructive active methods of materials characterisation, based on the analysis of amplitude and spectrum of the reflected radiation pulse and consequent induced emission.

INOV has developed and promoted to the market several novel technologies, including:

  • automatic early fire detection by lidar (including 3D positioning and automatic classification of solid and distributed targets),
  • oil-spill identification technique using laser-induced fluorescence (including geo-referenced detection and characterisation of oil films on the water surface on the basis of the shape and magnitude of their LIF signatures),
  • non-destructive, in vivo diagnostics of health and photo-physiological status of microphytobenthos, algae, and higher plants via analysis of their fluorescence emission (including biological composition and biomass assessment).

Role in the Project

The mail role of INOV focuses on the following activities:

  • Leader of WP4 Environmental sensing and monitoring tools. INOV will be responsible on the development of ground-based sensor.
  • Participation in organising demo tests and/or dissemination events in Portugal.
  • INOV has vast experience and expertise in organising and actively participating in the activities on demonstration of operation of complex, multi-component systems (engaged in monitoring, detection, information processing, etc.) in real conditions (WP10).
  • Surveying and Diagnosis: Provide innovative, cost effective, non-invasive and non-destructive method for survey and diagnosis of the preservation state of the cultural asset materials via laser induced fluorescence analysis, including early alerts of the presence of destructive biological factors (micro & macro algae, moss, etc.). (WP1 leader of T1.2).
  • Quick Damage Assessment of buildings comparing 3D-point-cloud description of the building/monument made before and after the disaster (extreme wild or snowfall, earthquake, etc.). (T1.4)
  • Leader of 2 Resilient communication service among stakeholders.