Mellor Heritage Trust’s (UK)

Mellor Archaeological Trust (MAT) is a registered not for profit organisation (Registered Charity number: 1081602) with the following objects.

‘To support research into the archaeology of Mellor, Stockport, in the County of Greater Manchester, and to advance the education of the public in particular by promoting the investigation, interpretation, and preservation of the archaeology of the said area”.

Sixteen voluntary Trustees are responsible for managing the Trust and its funds, including work at the sites proposed for the STORM project.

Mellor Archaeological Trust was set up in 1999 to support the work of uncovering the archaeology and heritage of Mellor. Initially, the emphasis was on the Old Vicarage site, but it now includes the excavations at Shaw Cairn and Mellor Mill as well as a general interest in the historic landscape, houses and mills of the area. Archaeological work is arranged for volunteers and other activities for Friends of the Trust and the public.

Although large grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund have enabled the Trust to carry out major projects, the support of the Friends plays a critical part in the provision of the necessary matching funds and in enabling other smaller projects and activities, such as the excavations at Shaw Cairn, to be carried out. Without this support, other smaller grants and the income from publications and events, the Trust would not be able to function.

Mellor on the SW edge of the Pennines, bounded on NW and SW by major rivers and a ridge on the East, is of major importance in having archaeological sites from the Early Stone Age to the Industrial Revolution. The three sites (Mellor Old Vicarage, Shaw Cairn on Mellor Moor and Mellor Mill) investigated by MAT are diverse and with different risks and threats facing them from flooding to wind and social erosion and manmade hazards. Other potential sites will also be reviewed. Mellor thus offers a unique test bed for investigating and addressing its many and varied needs. Input to the project will be in collaboration with the expertise of the Centre for Applied Archaeology (CfAA), University of Salford, in relation to the aims of the STORM project.

MAT is currently collaborating with Canal and River Trust in a HLF-supported project “Revealing Oldknow’s Legacy: Mellor Mill and the Peak Forest Canal in Marple [a small town adjacent to Mellor]”. CfAA are archaeological consultants and organizers of community digs for the project. This offers opportunities to bring into STORM, the highest Canal Aqueduct in England, recently renovated as part of the project. Historic limekilns next to the Canal are on the Historic England At-Risk register; a structural survey will be carried out as part of the project in order to guide future work.

Role in the Project

MAT will provide support to the technology and research teams of Sparta and Salford University to further the aims of project to assist to generate a methodology and processes for EU cultural sites for:

  • Prevention
  • Crisis management
  • Intervention

This will help MAT and similar sites in the UK faced with a similar set of issues.

Mat will set up the UK trial. They will lead T9.3 Experimental sites running and T6.4 Surveying and Diagnosis services. Moreover they mainly contribute to WP 1 Fundamentals, Methodologies and Processes for Protection and Conservation, WP2 Recommendations for Policies and Government Processes.