Município de Grândola – Serviço Municipal de Proteção Civil (PT)

Município de Grândola is a local administration entity which is responsible for the administration of the county of Grândola (a territory with 814 Km2).

As part of its duties and powers the municipality is responsible for the municipal heritage and civil protection. Regarding the municipal heritage it’s forced to ensure, including the possibility of building partnerships, the survey, classification, management, maintenance, retrieval and dissemination of the natural, cultural and urban heritage, including the construction of monuments of local interest.

The president of the municipality is responsible for conducting, in conjunction with the bodies of public administration with competence in the field of civil protection, the municipal service of civil protection (SMPC), with a view to compliance with emergency plans and programs established and to coordinate the activities to develop in that area, particularly in operations of help and assistance in the imminence or occurrence of serious accident or catastrophe.

Role in the Project

The members of the Municipal Civil Protection Service will cooperate in all possible ways reporting the conservation situation of the archaeological site of Tróia and to avoid its degradation processes according to its current experience and means at their disposal.

The municipal civil protection service is the entity that supervises the activities in order to prevent collective risks in situations of serious accidents or disasters, to mitigate its effects and protect and assist people and belongings in danger, when those situations occur.

They will mainly participate in WP1 Fundamentals, Methodologies, and Processes, WP2 Recommendations for Policies and Government processes and WP9 Experiments, validation and assessment of results.