Resiltech (IT)

ResilTech is a spin-off company (SME) founded in 2007 that integrates the experiences of research and development in resilient computing with specific skills in industrial verification and validation of critical systems.

ResilTech founders team is composed by engineers with PhD degree in ICT with leading-edge research and development skills in resilient computing, electronic engineers with long-standing expertise in the design, verification and validation of critical systems and senior engineers with more than ten years experience in project management.

The strong expertise in Verification & Validation qualifies ResilTech to consult and support several other companies in the processes needed to obtain product certification. ResilTech has a leading-edge expertise in both basic and applied ICT research and technological development, in particular in the field of the theory and practice of resilient systems. The expertise is mainly in three macro areas:

  • Verification and Validation (V&V) of Critical Systems.
  • Architectures and Methodologies for Resilient and Secure Systems.
  • Dependability and Quality of Service (QoS) Quantitative Evaluation.

Role in the Project

Critical situations in the context of Cultural Heritages protection can be detected exploiting information incoming from sensors such as: security cameras, social media data extractors or crowd sensing devices. This is the case of particular kinds of environment disasters (e.g. floods, typhoons, structural decay). In order to detect critical situations for Cultural Heritages, information incoming from multimodal sources have to be processed and analyzed. For this scope, the Event Processing represents an efficient way for information analysis and detection of critical situation that affect Cultural Heritage.

ResilTech has a strong experience in the field of Complex Event Processing that allows Information Fusion consisting in analyzing, correlating and aggregating events incoming from multimodal sources. Event Processing allows to detect and predict (when it is possible) Critical Situations exploiting the correlation of events provided by Social Media Analysis, by the Crowd sensing/sourcing information and by other sensors.

In this context ResilTech has gained solid experience in Event Processing and Social Media Analysis designing software systems for Situational Awareness able to retrieve information from several sources, correlate them, and build the critical situation in real-time in order to be able to take a decision for facing the emergency timely. Providing the Situational Awareness, these techniques improve the interoperability of the entities involved in the recovery actions.

The contribution that ResilTech can bring to the project with the Social Media Analysis takes its strength from the trend analysis applied to messages exchanged by people and from the Natural Language Processing that allows to trace social media messages into relevant or dangerous events for Cultural Heritage.

ResilTech can also provide support for Risk Analysis and Risk Assessment related to critical situations that can damage Cultural Heritages.

The excellent results achieved by ResilTech in the application of the Complex Event Processing technology applied to the Crisis Management Systems and the expertise reached in the social media analysis context makes ResilTech a suitable partner for these tasks.

Hence the main role of ResilTech is the coordination of WP6 Information Integration and Situational awareness, and collaboration in WP5 Risk Management and Hazard mitigation tools.