Sparta technologies (UK)

Sparta Technologies Ltd is private company specialising in software and ecommerce platform development to help reduce social exclusion; increase customers trust and create better exchange platforms by using mobile and innovative approaches in social and healthcare applications.

Role in the Project

In regards to this project, Sparta offers expertise in platform development, social engagement and community application development and platform integration, mobile app development, CRM solutions and data analytics; with experience gained by working on various EU and public sector projects. Our current role is as technical partner in CLIPS, an EU funded project to showcase the benefits of Cloud computing for public services. SPA will contribute to STORM with its local technical support and engagement expertise, mainly on work towards platform frameworks and their use in the UK pilot and take a lead on dissemination. SPA can also assist on mobile marketing applications and user engagement as it has developed considerable expertise in this area.

SPA will lead T6.3 Surveillance and Monitoring services and T8.3 Data analytics. Moreover they mainly contribute to WP3 Use cases, Requirements and architecture, WP4 Environmental, Sensing and Monitoring Toolset, WP5 Risk Management and hazard mitigation tools and WP7 WP7 Collaboration and knowledge-sharing services.