Troia Resort (PT)

Troia Resort is a profit private company (belonging to the larger company SONAE TURISMO SGPS, SA) that manages a touristic resort with a total area of 486 ha that includes the large area of the archaeological site called Ruínas Romanas de Tróia.

Under the scope of a protocol celebrated in 1995 with the Portuguese institutes of heritage safeguard, today fused in Direcção Geral do Património Cultural, Troia Resort has the responsibility of the maintenance and conservation of the site, as well as of its touristic exploitation.

To fulfil this mission, Troia Resort maintains, since 2007, an archaeology team composed of three full-time archaeologists.

Since the site is archaeological and a National Monument since 1910, all actions of investigation or conservation are done under the supervision of Direcção Geral do Património Cultural according to the current Portuguese legislation.

Role in the Project

The archaeology team responsible for the archaeological site of Tróia will collaborate in all possible ways reporting the conservation situation of the site and its degradation processes according to its current experience.

TRO will set up the Portuguese trial. They will lead T3.1 Use case scenarios and requirements definition and mainly contribute to WP 1 Fundamentals, Methodologies, and Processes WP2 Recommendations for Policies and Government processes WP6 Information integration and situational awareness and WP9 Experiments, validation and assessment of results.