“Resilient Tourism in a Resilient Cultural Heritage Site” paper going to be presented at IC-SIMAT

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Kpeople is going to present a paper during the next IC-SIMAT conference in Athens on October the 19th 2018.

The paper explores the possibility to provide a new touristic offer related to Cultural Heritage conservation.

A tour operator could create a new dedicated package offer which includes something more than a normal sightseeing a site. The fundamental is the creation of a new offer able to create a new of “resilient tourism” demand.

This new concept descends from the approach of an ongoing H2020 named STORM (Safeguarding Cultural Heritage through Technical and Organisational Management).

Its goal is to provide critical decision-making tools to multiple sectors and stakeholders engaged in the protection of cultural heritage from climate change and natural hazards. The evaluation of historical records with the log of any trouble occurred to a site, the real-time on-site monitoring of regional climate projections and the statistically downscaled time series for individual cultural heritage sites at risk supports the overall risk assessment methods on which these tools are based.

Giving evidence to tourists about “STORM” remedial actions and which are the procedures set in case of an emergency with a simulation of an i.e. evacuation and a simulation on how to intervene to restore a damaged work of art could represent a new touristic offer. With this concept in mind it will be possible to customize the touristic packages with a deep segmentation. For example, the target group of people attracted by new technologies in the field of: prevention, intervention and policies definition related to CH have the to see how they are used in specific CH site and to better understand the climatic change challenges a site is cope with.

The following picture shows the potential business canvas: