STORM presented at Roma Museum Exhibition

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During the session held November the 28th H2020 STORM project was presented in the context of Capacities and technologies for the cultural heritage protection discussion that saw the participation of Alessio Re (Secretary General, Fondazione Santagata for the Economics of Culture),   Maria Teresa Iaquinta (member of the staff of the Office of the Director General of ICCROM), Carlo Hruby (Vice President, Fondazione Hruby), Salvatore Rapicavoli (Major Salvatore Rapicavoli, Commander of the Data Processing Unit at the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage), Fabio Perossini ( Director of Kpeople Research Foundation (MT) and Kpeople ltd (UK)).

In the mean time in the exhibition a small Italian company: Koinè Conservazione e Restauro (, presented the first proposal for the implementation of an on field experiment in the Piedmont area (north-west of Italy).

It has been evidenced by Mrs. Jaquinta the need for a structural investment plan to face preparedness for potential disasters generated by climate change.

The overall idea of promoting the creation of introductory courses in Universities to introduce the theme of emergency management as a way to dedicated master courses has been also discussed with Mr. Re.